Harem Pants!

Whilst clearing through my old clothes I found a scruffy, well-worn (loved) pair of harem pants. They were stupidly comfortable and I knew I needed to sew some up for my small people. A quick scour on pinterest brought up this tutorial and free pattern which looked perfect for creating my small clone!

My originals were a size smaller than what I would normally wear in jeans, which gave a more fitted look. So I altered the pattern so the crotch didn’t drop so low and extended them to ankle length using a pair of leggings as a guide. I used some nice soft grey marl cotton interlock and they turned out perfect! Sewed up really quickly, think I’m hooked, going to have to draft Miss Scarlett a mini pair!

Evie looks really comfortable in them and are the perfect weight for spring, now this is where the hardwork begins, trying to get a decent photo of her wearing them…
One click in, and she needed the toilet!
A change of top later and these are as good as it gets
Except of course when the pants aren’t in shot 😉
Sally x


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