Elastic waist skirts

Today I sewed up one of my favourite projects for a friends little girl. Skirts are such a fun and simple sew, I love how quick they are to make and are great for using fat quarters when making smaller sizes. These ones I’ve been making have a 2″ elastic waistband and a gathered skirt.

To size first I added an inch to the waist measurement for the length of elastic to cut. Then for the length of the skirt piece I measure between the hip and knee (rather than waist due to the thick waist elastic) and add 3/4″ for the hem and between 1/4 and 3/8″ for the join to elastic seam allowance. I find that for any sizes up to around age 2-3 the width of fabric is enough to make it nice and gathered (or a fq cut into two horizontally)

Make a tube from the fabric by sewing the short edges right sides together, and finish the seam/s. I tried a few different ways to join the elastic into a waistband, as shown below:

I think the bottom one looks the best, which I did by stitching the ends together with a 3/8″ seam, finishing each elastic edge seperately, pinning the seam open and top stitching either side to hold them down.

Then sew a long baste stitch across the top edge of the skirt and gather to match the elastic. Evenly distribute the gathers around and the skirt piece should then fit inside of the elastic, right sides together as shown

Pin in place and stitch all the way round the skirt, 1/4″ from the edge with a stretch stitch. Finish the seam and finally hem the skirt by folding over a 1/4″ then 1/2″ and sewing 3/8″ from the edge.

Ta da! Such a simple project but I love the elastic waistband and experimenting with bold prints!

All the fabrics I used I bought from the great Plush Addict, love their choice of fabrics! Ordered some gorgeous michael miller glitz from there this weekend to get working on Miss Scarlett’s first birthday dress, eek!!

Sally x

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