The Serger challenge, set!

A month ago I finally decided to buy a serger, should have bought one earlier as they are great for sewing with jersey/knits/(insert preferred name here), which I do, a lot. I wasn’t exactly adventurous with my choice of machine going for the Brother 1034D. It’s a great price, does what I need a serger to do and it seems like this is the machine most people own! Which is handy for if I need help or advice as there’s lots of helpful blog posts out there.


Look at them both sat there on the teeny tiny cheapo ikea desk I call my sewing room, I think these two are going to be besties šŸ˜‰

It’s taken a bit of getting used to, my main struggle so far has been getting an accurate seam allowance, especially with curves, but I’m getting there. Sometimes I have played it safe by sewing on my normal machine first then serging. So I have decided to set myself a little challenge in order to hopefully gain more confidence, and that is to use it to sew a whole garment entirely with my serger.

I decided on Loubeeclothings Bimaa by Emmyloubeedoo, why? Reason 1 it is possible to make it with just a serger. Reason 2 it was raining today so when deciding what to cut for my next project I wanted to start work on Evie’s Autumn/winter wardrobe. Reason 3 I’ve seen sooo many amazing Bimaas on blogposts and IG pics that, well, really it is about time I made one!

So that’s it, challenge set, will be back soon to share how I got on.

Btw, I started blogging over on blogger and decided to switch over to WordPress, haven’t figured out how to import the few posts I made over, but you’re not missing out on much šŸ˜‰


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