The Serger challenge completed

I wasn’t even temped to turn on my domestic machine, not once! Ok so yes the bimaa doesn’t exactly have any awkward hard to sew seams, however it does have curves, a sharp turn for the underarm and stretching for waistband and cuffs. I feel so much more confident using my serger now, and keeping an accurate seam allowance as I sew with it.

It also made me realise that my main problem up to now is that for some reason with my serger I find myself putting my foot down, rushing it, and most likely making mistakes which take even longer to rectify. I took my time and everything went smoothly, even with all the stripes to match! 20140710-130526-47126186.jpg

I used a lovely soft cotton Lycra blend with a 4 way stretch, like recommended in the pattern. It’s a medium weight which made it fairly easier to sew, and will be nice and snugly in the cooler months.

Ok, so the pattern… Absolutely love it! I chose to make the hooded version, but there it also a cowl or shawl neck, which I will definitely be making at some point soon. The fit was perfect for her, I made the 3T based on Evie’s chest measurements, she has a long torso so I normally have to lengthen, but it was as if the Bimaa was made for her. When I make more I will probably go a size up to last her longer, I think a looser fit would look just as good and she can grow into it šŸ˜‰

Eventhough it wasn’t the most exciting fabric for a little girl, she didn’t want to take it off, which is a sure sign of a successful project. I did make her after the photos were done though, it’s roasting today!

I loved setting myself a little challenge, and will do it again, my serger can do things like sew gathers, blind hems and rolled hems which I’d like to give a try.

Pretty happy with my stripe matching too!


(Pattern used: LouBeeClothings Bimaa who blogs over at Emmyloubeedoo)


2 thoughts on “The Serger challenge completed

  1. Melody says:

    This is AMAZING! It looks so great! Your stripes are spot-on. It doesn’t even look “homemade”! I wish I was good like this. Any pointers for a newbie sewer?

    • Thanks so much!! Really just take your time! Sometimes I’m tempted to rush things and I end up with something I’m not happy with, or spending twice as long having to unpick parts and start over! The stripe matching was all down to going slowly when cutting the fabric while thinking how the top is going to be constructed šŸ™‚

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