Showing off her Sandiins

I’m just going to come out and say it straight away, I love this pattern! The Shandiin from  LouBeeClothing is perfect for the summer, very cute and so well constructed that it is a pleasure to sew. I’ve so far only made the top, however it can also be made as a tunic. 20140728-162236-58956509.jpgFor this Shandiin I used an old dress of mine, I loved the fabric but the fit made me look a bit frumpy. I picked the button up front option.
20140728-162321-59001924.jpgI asked Evie what she would like me to make her and she just wanted something orange, I have plenty of fabric, but nothing orange. I was sure she would disappointed when I tried this on her, but no, if you look very closely there is a tiny little bit of orange on the parrots. She spotted it straight away, so I added peachy buttons and I have a happy 3 year old!
20140728-162321-59001496.jpgI love the back so so much!! I also love that the tutorial shows how you can have the bias on the outside or in, and the coordinating fabric used to line the back yoke can be using at lining or on show like this!
20140728-162322-59002811.jpgThis second one was actually my first! It’s a size too big, not my fault, not the patterns fault, but my tape measure! It definitely lied to me. But hey, it’s never too early to start on Evie’s summer 2015 wardrobe! I chose the solid front and to have the bias on the back facing out.
20140728-162322-59002360.jpgFor this third Shandiin I decided to modify the pattern slightly. I made the shape less A-line… There’s probably a better way of writing that, but right now I can’t think! I changed the shape of the hem and used bias on it.
20140728-162324-59004910.jpgI love how it turned out, I think the shape of the hem compliments the cut out back nicely….
20140728-162326-59006318.jpgoh yes!


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