Pattern Testing: The Rylee Dress

I absolutely love a bit of pattern testing, really enjoy the process and seeing what so many talented ladies in one place can make! This time I am writing about the lovely Rylee Dress from Addie at addiek. The dress comes in sizes 2-12, so great value for money. I made the contrast version, but the pattern includes the solid front version, and the final release also has the option for some rather cute and practical in seam pockets. It’s a really quick sew, mainly because of the dolman sleeves, and the solid front version would be super quick!

IMG_5949 IMG_5938

The pattern is for knits, and includes some great tips for those who are new to sewing with knits. I used some interlock, I was trying to decide between a few colour combinations, so I do my usual trick and asked Evie and she picked out these two! I only asked her for one as I under estimated her great taste in fabrics and thought I would have to coordinate another colour… but no, she picked out two that worked great together, and I just about managed to eek the pieces I need from what I had left of both fabrics. I don’t know how she does it!! Anyway, back to the dress, I love how casual and comfy it is, and perfect with a pair of tights and boots for this weather.

IMG_5960 IMG_5940

Go get your copy of this fab pattern from the addiek shop by clicking here!!

In other news, I’ve not been well recently and not had the energy to sew (I know, I’m useless!) I have however been using the paypal account a fair bit this last weekend taking advantage of the sales, so when I do get better I have plenty of lovely things to sew, yeyyeyey!!

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